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Here you will find some various stuff, mainly pictures of my travels and trekkings, what I like to do, and a few good plans...

Below is a picture from the beautiful region where I live. You can extend it by clicking on it.
This blog might look strange... because it is a French who is writting it, but in .... English ?!?
What the Hell is he doing ? Why ?

Well, it is just to not forget this wonderful langage since I went to Scotland ! Fortunanely there is a translator for any people who would not understand this great langage which is English !

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InteGRE is recruiting ! 
Tuesday, September 23, 2008, 00:29 - InteGRE
Posted by Administrator

Trekking SAPPEY / CHAMECHAUDE, Saterday 20 september 2008  
Sunday, September 21, 2008, 22:45 - Trekkings
Posted by Administrator
At the begining, InteGRE proposed us a week-end trekking in Savoie, but there was only 50 places, that were fastly taken before midday. A lot of people could have stayed in Grenoble. Fortuntely, a student had the great idea to propose a nice trekking for this saterday...

We had quite a nice weather with sun, but a bit clouddy sometimes. Once we arrived at the top of the cliffs, the sight was really wonderful ! Thanks Dominique !

Here are some pictures of the treeking of saterday.

You can see and download all of the pictures HERE

Listen to your Music anywhere since you have an internet connection ! 
Wednesday, September 17, 2008, 01:57 - Internet TIPS & TRICKS
Posted by Administrator

I found this summer a great website where you can store all your MP3 file (there is no space disk limit) and you can listen to it anywhere since you have an internet connection. I know some people who could need it ! You just have to sign up and enjoy it ! Give it a try !

Here is the link : MEDIAMASTER.COM
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