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Hello to you !

Here you will find some various stuff, mainly pictures of my travels and trekkings, what I like to do, and a few good plans...

Below is a picture from the beautiful region where I live. You can extend it by clicking on it.
This blog might look strange... because it is a French who is writting it, but in .... English ?!?
What the Hell is he doing ? Why ?

Well, it is just to not forget this wonderful langage since I went to Scotland ! Fortunanely there is a translator for any people who would not understand this great langage which is English !

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Website building in progress... 
Sunday, September 14, 2008, 23:38
Posted by Administrator

I opened my first Blog these last days, and everytime I could I will update it...

It is a kind of online memory BLOG for my year spent in Scotland. I will put pictures from Scotland gradually, not to forget the good moments spent there.

It is also a good way to practise my english by writting, and of course, by talking across the world when I am travelling. See my pictures (just click here to see it) I took my blog back from my earlier website Project in Scotland, that is why it is a looking like...

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